Our goal at Cyber PA is to provide effective solutions designed to efficiently organise your business.

Our Niche Markets are Coaches & Mentors, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.

We specialise in saving you time, so you get to do the things you love and leave the rest to us.

“Cyber PA tackles any task for the business from mundane admin items to client specific technical tasks which they have learned to do on the run. Loren’s willingness to take on pretty much any task is a pleasure and she reacts with speed to get things done. I’d recommend her services to small businesses trying to reduce admin overload so they can focus on core value adding work”

“Loren has been my executive virtual assistant for well over a year now. I enjoy working with Loren who is very professional, organised and efficient. She is a woman of many talents, able to cover the basic administrative tasks like website and email marketing tools, as well as creating images, banners and other design items. I appreciate that I can pass over different types of activities to Loren, who will find a way to get them done. I can definitely recommend Loren as an exec virtual assistant.”

Bettina Pickering, Aronagh

“Loren is really easy to work with. When you pass over work, you know that it will get done, quickly and efficiently.  She has a wealth of skills that I haven’t even begun to tap into yet. So much more value to add to my business. Working with Loren allows you can focus on what you need to do, and as a solopreneur that’s invaluable. I’d highly recommend her.”

“Cyber PA – I was impressed, besides being incredibly approachable, engaged and friendly, Loren was efficient as she dealt with a few urgent matters for clients during our networking cappuccino… Definitely an asset!”

Ivette Gouws, NuSkin Enterprises